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NRAC Newsletter - Issue #1 - January 2022

"New Year...New Changes...Newsletter!"

Welcome to the first edition of the new NRAC Club Newsletter. The aim is for the newsletter to be produced monthly with a focus of keeping you informed about what’s been happening at the Club, in addition to what events are coming up in the future. You can find the newsletter on the Club’s website (a link will be emailed to members each time a new issue is released), or hard copies will be available at the Club on request.

In This Edition:

- Happy New Year

- Meet the Committee

- Online Booking System

- New Coffee Machine

- New Resources Section

- Instructor Availability - January

- Social Media Revamped

- Save the Date – Brisbane Airshow

- COVID-19 Update

- Monthly Quiz


Happy New Year!

We wish to extend a Happy New Year to all members, students and guests. 2021 was certainly an interesting and challenging year for many- the Aero Club included- but thanks to your support we made it.

We hope you all had a very safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s break, and we look forward to sharing plenty of flying, achievements and adventures with you all in the year ahead.

As you’ll see from the stories/articles in this newsletter, we are already hoping to implement a number of changes to help improve your experience at the Club, and are actively planning a range of events and initiatives to help make 2022 a great year for all members and students.

Read on to learn more!


Meet the Committee

Thanks to all the members and guests who attended our AGM and Christmas Party in December. A key part of any AGM is the election of the Club Committee, so what better way to kick off the new year than to introduce the NRAC Committee for this year.

Wally Soward – Club President

Rob Gibson – Vice President

Tim Parry – Treasurer and Secretary

Allan Fry – Committee Member and RA-Aus Maintenance Controller

Elio Zambelli – Committee Member

Rebecca Quinn – Committee Member

Anthony Parker – Committee Member

The Committee wishes to thank previous 2021 Committee members for their support and contributions to the Club, especially given the challenges faced by all last year.


Online Booking System

As we move into the New Year, we have decided to leave our paper booking sheets back in 2021. As a result, we are excited to announce the launch of Online Bookings for the Club through the Shlott Booking System.

Example of the new online booking system

The Committee and Instructors believe this transition to an Online Booking System will provide a number of benefits to members such as:

  • Viewing aircraft and instructor availability in real time, anywhere.

  • Easily booking lessons, aircraft hire, etc.

  • Receiving an email confirmation of your bookings

  • Easily managing your bookings without ringing or visiting the Club

The Online Booking System can be accessed through a link on the Aero Club website, or by visiting the following link: https://www.shlott.com/

It is intended for the new booking system to go live from 1st February 2022, however we will be setting up the system this month ready for this launch date. All flying members and students should receive an email from Shlott Booking System over the coming weeks regarding setting up their account, and members will also receive an instructional guide from the Club to help them with this process and booking flights.

There will be a dedicated computer available at the Club to enable all members to book their next lesson or flight while they are at the Club.

If you have any questions about the new booking system, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club and we’d be more than happy to assist.


New Coffee Machine

In other exciting news, we now have a Nespresso Coffee Machine available at the Club for use by members, students and guests.

Additionally, the Club will also have coffee pods available for purchase for $2 (medium and strong options available), or members are welcome to bring in their own pods should they wish.

Of course, having a new coffee machine at the Club wouldn’t be complete without a coffee card/loyalty program either. For those who don’t like the hassle of trying to find a $2 coin (who really uses coins these days anyway?), there is an option available to purchase a $10 pre-paid coffee card for 6 pods. Simply purchase a card from the Club and punch it each time you feel like a coffee.

The purchase of pods from the Club will go directly towards covering the cost of the pods and shipping, and any profits will be utilised towards social events at the Club throughout the year (e.g. sausage sizzles, breakfasts, etc.). Nescafe Blend 43 instant coffee will still be available for those who prefer it, in addition to tea.

We hope all members will enjoy the new machine, and that it will help make the Club even more social and engaging. Why not drop in and join us for a coffee, or hang around for a cuppa after your next visit to the Club?


New Resources Section on the Website

A new resources section is now available on the NRAC website where members and students will be able to access a wide variety of links and resources to assist them in making the most of their flying.

Presently, this section includes:

  • Link to Online Booking System

  • Online Booking System guidance material

  • Links to Aviation Weather sites (NAIPS, Windy, etc.)

  • Selected guidance material from RA-Aus and CASA

Please contact us if there is something you feel should be included in this section for the benefit of members and students.


Instructor Availability – January

Nathan will be away from the Club between the 18th-31st of January conducting training to further his instructor qualifications, hopefully allowing us to provide some exciting new flight training offerings in the near future – watch this space.

Both Bill and Sam remain available for flight training mid-week, in addition to Bob Snape who will be joining the Club’s instructional staff once again for the rest of January.

Please note, Nathan will be unavailable for lessons and unable to handle any queries or bookings during those dates, so please contact the Club or Bill in order to organise your lessons and private hire.


Social Media Re-vamped

Given 2022 is now upon us, and in line with the roll-out of our new online booking system, the Club is also taking the plunge into the world of social media, and working hard behind the scenes to revamp both our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Our hope is these platforms will provide a great way to keep you updated about things happening around the Club, inform you of upcoming events, and share the achievements and adventures of members and students.

You can follow the Aero Club on social media through the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northernriversaeroclub/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northernriversaeroclub/

Additionally, if you have been on any interesting adventures, or have any photos you’d like us to share, we’d love to do so. Tag the Aero Club @northernriversaeroclub on Facebook or Instagram, or send your photos or ideas to Nathan at the Club.


Save the Date – Brisbane Airshow

Initial planning is already underway behind the scenes as we investigate options surrounding a Club trip to the Brisbane Airshow at Watts Bridge on 2-3 July 2022.

The aim at this stage is to arrange a hire bus to conduct a return trip from NRAC to the airshow (a pick-up along the way may also be possible), with timings arranged such that a good portion of the day can be spent enjoying what the Airshow has to offer.

Although planning is only in the early stages currently, we highly recommend saving the dates in your calendar – this will be one event you will not want to miss. You can learn more about the Brisbane Airshow here:



COVID-19 Update

Thank you to all students and members for your patience while we temporarily reduced and varied our operations in order to comply with NSW Government COVID-19 guidelines throughout 2021.

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to lift, the Club is pleased to now be able to offer training to all Club members regardless of vaccination status.

As always, the Club takes the health and well-being of our members seriously, and encourages all members to follow the appropriate guidelines. Additionally, we respectfully ask that members do not attend the Club if unwell or experiencing symptoms.


Monthly Quiz

Is your knowledge of aviation, air law, aircraft systems and flying operations up to scratch? Put it to the test with the new monthly quiz.

Each newsletter will contain 5-10 quiz questions, drawn from a variety of topics, in order to test your knowledge (we’ll even try and include a few brain benders too). All you have to do is submit your answers to the Club through the entry box on the front counter.

Every month, the person with the most correct answers will win a prize, or, in cases where multiple people answer all questions correctly, a winner will be drawn.

This month the winner will receive a $10 pre-paid coffee card to help them make the most of the new coffee machine that’s now available at the Club.

Quiz #1

1. What radio calls are legally required at Lismore Airport?

2. Other than Club President Wally Soward, name one committee member who owns an aircraft.

3. How large is the Surveillance Flight Information Service area at YBNA?

4. How many aircraft currently reside in the hangar at the Club?

5. CASA recently introduced new regulations. What are these regulations referred to as, and when did they come into effect?

Hint: Be careful…some of these questions might be trickier than they seem.


Stay Tuned for the Next Edition!

This newsletter is first and foremost for you, the members.

Is there anything you would like to see in future editions?

Have you got an interesting story or flying adventure to share?

Feel free to send any submissions through to nrac@bigpond.net.au or to Nathan at the Club to have it considered for future editions of the newsletter.