Recreational Aircraft

We’re exceptionally proud of the wide range of aircraft we have on offer to our students and Aero Club members. A key part of our training philosophy is to start students on the inexpensive RA-Aus aeroplanes and progress them through to General Aviation (VH- registered) aircraft; this keeps costs substantially lower for initial flying training and helps to develop skilled pilots.


Jabiru J-170 "5066"

The Jabiru J-170 aircraft has been developed as a trainer aircraft that is bigger all round. It has a wider cockpit, higher cabin and more leg room. Longer wings than the J-160 and winglets give it more stability and a lower stall speed, as well as a shorter take off and landing run.


We start most new pilots on the J-170 to build basic handling skills and experience.


Jabiru J-230 "7269"

The J-230 is an excellent touring aircraft (featuring a 120 knot cruise at 24l/hr) so it should come as no surprise that this is our aircraft of choice when starting students on their cross-country training.

General Aviation Aircraft


Cessna 172RG “JJC”

One of our advanced trainers, JJC is a retractable undercarriage, constant-speed version of the iconic Cessna 172.


Perfect for advanced Private Pilot Licence training as well as meeting the complexity requirements of the Commercial Pilot Licence, JJC is a definite favourite with our pilots.


Cessna 150 “FRU”

Our basic General Aviation trainer, FRU is available for upgrades from recreational flying, basic instrument flying, flight reviews, currency flights etc.